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    It’s very easy and common for linking problems to slip into websites unnoticed, and not only do link problems really aggravate your visitors, but they lose you potential customers! (and they make your site look amateurish)

    I know that when I come across a link on a site that doesn’t work (or sends me to the wrong page), I usually immediately leave the site for good thinking “If they can’t even get their links to work, how will they manage to send me what I order??!”.

    By downloading this software and following along with this 9 minute video, you’ll instantly and very easily be able to find and fix linking issues on your site. This is VERY IMPORTANT whatever kind of site you’re creating and I strongly recommend you view this video as soon as you can.

  • In the third video I’ll show you step by step exactly how to easily start taking payments on your site.

    If you’re selling anything on your site – you need to collect payment! Now, it’s very easy signing up with a new PayPal account, but they certainly don’t make it as easy to start adding their payment buttons to your site and making sure YOU get the money!

    In this video I’ll show you how you can easily add PayPal and ClickBank order buttons to your sites in just minutes. It’s surprisingly easy once you see exactly how it’s done.

  • In this fourth video I’ll show you how to easily (and incredibly cheaply) get a new address for your site and get it live on the internet almost immediately.

    If you’re not familiar with the term – your website’s address on the internet is called your domain name. For example – google.com is their domain name. It’s their area of the internet.

    You can have as many domains as you like, and following along with this video, I’ll show you one of the cheapest ways to get them, and how to make sure that your domain actually goes live on the internet!

    Just getting a domain is not enough, you need to take a vital further step to actually set things up so you can receive visitors. This second step can be confusing if you’ve not done it before (it’s to do with ‘name servers’) but every step you need to take is demonstrated in the video so you can easily follow along.

  • How about more Free software?

    In this fifth video I’ll talk you through how to download even more world class software for free. This is the exact software I use every day in my web business.

    Again I don’t know how much longer you’ll be able to download this software entirely for free so the sooner you view this video the better the chance it will still be available for you.

    This software is VITAL for any kind of web business, but can be incredibly confusing to use initially if you’re not shown how. In this video I talk through exactly how to use it for your web business.

  • Do you know how much one website visitor is worth to you?

    Well let me tell you – I’ve had visitors to my websites that are worth thousands of dollars to my business. Even tens of thousands!

    And it all starts with one single visit. And that can happen for you too!

    BUT – think about this – is a visitor more likely to become a customer of yours (or even just make money for you with AdSense), if they visit your site once, or if they visit your site five times? (or ten times, or fifteen times…)

    Okay, what I’m getting at is simply this – the more a visitor comes to your site, the more likely they are to become a customer (repetition is very important in advertising, and people very rarely respond to an offer the first time).

    And one of the most profitable changes you can make to your website business is to get visitors to come back to your site AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. And if you can do this at no extra cost – even better!

    And getting visitors back to your site again and again at pretty much zero cost can be surprisingly easy once you know how. Most website owners completely overlook this vital marketing tactic, and once you know it – and start using it, you’ll immediately be ahead of the pack.

    These Repeat Visitor Marketing Secrets are revealed to you in the sixth video you’ll receive after signing up below.

  • Want thousands more website visitors at zero cost?

    The tactic I reveal to you in this seventh video is overlooked by most website owners, but can potentially turn 20 minutes of easy work, into thousands (even tens of thousands) of website visitors, and potentially dozens – even hundreds – of new customers! 

    This tactic alone can also easily get you more traffic through the search engines long term – and this marketing tactic has often been responsible for putting a new business on the map – taking it from zero to millions in sales within months… even just weeks sometimes!

    Now obviously, I can’t guarantee you’ll make millions by using this tactic – but – I can guarantee by using this surprisingly easy tactic that you’ll get more traffic. Maybe a LOT more traffic.

    I have to say, the effectiveness of this tactic has REALLY surprised me when I’ve used it myself. I strongly recommend you view this video and apply what you see to your own internet business as soon as you possibly can.

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